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Title: Hookup

Found a guy one morning while chatting here. He was curious about me as he'd seen my ad here as well, and I have several photos posted here in various lingerie, so he initiated things. We chatted briefly and decided we'd like to meet up for some steamy gay sex. He's gay (and not into wearing lingerie himself, but likes guys in lingerie), and I'm bi, and mainly into women, but on occasion love a hot encounter with a guy, and absolutely love to suck cock.
I'd been planning to go lingerie shopping for the day, but put that on hold once I found a real hookup. I hopped in the shower and shaved everything. I love the feel of silky nylon and satin across smooth skin. So, I moisturized my whole body with some nice feminine lotion from Victoria's Secret. Then I put on a matching Cacique sheer bra and panties, kind of a sage green color with some nice lace accents. The panties have a seam running up the back that really hugs my ass close and I love the way they look. Then I put on some lace-top thigh-hi's and covered everything with a track suit for easy access.

I couldn't help unzipping the jacket and letting the bra show to anyone passing on the freeway as I drove to his house. I don't think anyone saw me, but it still was very erotic that I was driving down the road wearing just a bra. I was really hot and excited by the time I got there (big wet spot in my panties), and a little nervous as well. We chatted a bit and got comfortable while he put on a gay porn video. We watched as we talked, and finally I ran my hand up his leg and could feel his cock tense as I began to massage it. I had to have it in my mouth and could not wait any longer. He slid his shorts down, and I positioned myself on the floor in front of him so I could concentrate on licking every inch of his 7-8" cock. I took off my track suit to reveal the lingerie I was wearing underneath and he really like it. So there I sat wearing a bra, panties, and stockings, sucking on a really nice cock and I was in heaven.

Didn't take much cock sucking to get things worked up to the point where I wanted to get fucked and he was dying to pound my ass. I got on the floor and into doggy position. He'd put a blanket on the floor, so I was spread out from behind with my face lying flat on the blanket as he worked my ass with some lube. Then he started running his stiff cock up and down my ass. I've been fucked by guys a few times, but am by no means a pro, so I'm always a bit tight and apprehensive when taking a cock inside my ass. He was slow and gentle, but without much effort was able to get his cock in and start working my ass.

We fucked for a while, and I was loving being bent over, my panties pulled to the side, getting fucked from behind while I watched gay porn right in front of my face. Then he asked if I'd ever fuck a guy. Aside from a few TG/TS, I never had and was really unaware I'd even want to until he mentioned it. Mostly thought of myself as a bottom, but knew I could be versatile at times. We took a short break to clean up and catch our breath, and I took the opportunity to change into a french maid's outfit I bought. He loved it! So we started stroking each other until we were hard again, then he got down on the blanket and let me take the lead. I lubed his ass and my cock, just like he'd done with me. He explained that he was a top and only got fucked about once a year, so I was feeling very hot that we were connecting. I started working my cock into his ass, and he was about as tight as I was, so it took a little patience. Once I did get in, it was awesome just looking down at myself wearing a french maid's bustier, panties, and stockings with my cock sliding in and out of him. He let me fuck him for about 20 minutes. I almost came at one point, but held off. After that, he decided he wanted to fuck me some more, so we switched again and he worked my ass in several different positions. He wanted to come with his d1ck buried in my ass, but I prefer so see the cum shooting out, so I flipped over as he blew his load all over my tits and lingerie while I rubbed it in.

It was a totally hot way to spend a morning and I'm so glad I got the chance to hook up with him. Hopefully there will be a few repeat performances, but gay sex is often so random it never leads to anything other than a one-time deal. I didn't blow my load until I got home, but this experience has given me some really good memories which have contributed to many loads being blown since then.

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