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Title: Adult Bookstore

Growing up,I got into wearing panties at an early age, probably around 7 years of age.
Also growing up with parents who were swingers and who also owned an adult bookstore I was exposed to sex, well what it was at an early age, just by being curious and spying on my parents.

To see my mom or dad fucking someone else was no shock to me, I thought that was the way it was supposed to be.

I started wearing the full womens attire by the time I was 12, from my sisters things, to things left at the house by girls/ladies.

My first sexual encounter with a guy while I was dressed also came at that time.

Move ahead a few years, it is now 1983 and I am just out of high school and a sexual dynamo, fucking my girlfriend or getting fucked by guys while I am dressed as a girl.

I was to go into the military in a few months and I knew that my sexual fun would soon end, atleast for awhile, so I volunteered to run my parents adult store while they managed their other businesses.

Everyday I would arrive wearing some sort of lingerie or femine attire under my clothes.

My parents had left out of town for a two month excursion across the country with some friends and my sister was away in college, so I would show up at the store fully dressed, make up and wig.

The clientele was predominately older and some neighbors would stroll in.

One particular night, I was horny as hell, we had about 15 guys in the store, some in the booths and a few in the theater. It is almost closing time so I lock the doors and head to the back to get a little action before I go home.

I am wearing a yellow floral sun dress with white thigh highs and garter, yellow floral satin bikini panties and white bra, blonde wig and black heels.

I head back into the booth area and see a man standing in front of a booth, cock out watching another patron suck a cock.

I get on my knees and take him in my mouth and suck his hard cock for all it's worth, quickly recieving my award that I waited for all night, his hot, creamy cum.

I swallow his cum, stand up and wait for another, which doesn't take long. A door opens up and a hand waves me in.

I go into the booth and it is a regular, whom I have been with before. He sits down on the bench and I kneel in front of him, kneeling in a huge wet cum spot.

I cup his balls as I take his cock into my mouth, tasting his salty precum. I know from experience he will give me a huge load and he doesn't disappoint, filling my hungry mouth with his creamy cum, swallowing it all.

I gather myself and I am feeling really horny at this point and am in need of a good fucking, so I go into the theater and lay down on an open couch and start caressing myself through my dress.

It doesn't take long before I am being fondled and caressed by about 5 guys.

A younger guy, around 21 gets between my legs, slides my dress up and starts to tongue my ass through my panties, he then pulls them down and starts licking my ass, spitting on it and his hand, then rubbing his cock.

My dress now up around my waist, he spreads my legs and inserts his cock into my ass. My stocking covered legs wrap around him, pulling him in.

I let out loud, muffled moans as he slams my ass, cocks being forced down my throat from all directions.

He pulls out and shoots a long, gooey stream of cum all over my dress.

It's not long before my ass is filled with another cock, this an old guy, around 60. I haven't seen him before, and it doesn't take him long to cum, he cums so fast he doesn't have time to pull out, he just slams his cock into me, to the hilt and he immediately starts filling my ass with his cum.

Another cock takes it's place, and the cock I am sucking on starts to ooze cum, he pulls out and lets it shoot on my face and lips. He then returns his cock to my mouth, so I can clean his cock.

The cock in my ass slides in and out with ease, having cum as a lube, it makes squishing noises as he slams me harder.

I notice his wedding ring, why I don't know, but I thought, what does his wife think he is doing right now.

I can see he is about to cum, he tries to pull away, but I take my legs and pull him into me, he looks me directly in the eyes and starts cumming, moaning loudly, shuddering as he pumps me full of his cum, never loosing eye contact with me.

I need more, and I tell the people that I need it. By now my dress, is half unbuttoned in the front, I have cum on my face and in my ass.

A guy walks over to me and starts fingering my ass, first one finger, then two, then four, it's all I can take and I start cumming all over myself.

He takes and scoops up the cum with his fingers and sticks them back in my ass, and the he gets between my legs and starts fucking me, and his cock feels enormous, I can feel the cum being pushed out of my ass.

I have to keep from screaming, but I can't help it, it's too big, he goes slow, gets all the way in and stops.

I ask him to sit there for a minute, and the I start to slowly gyrate my hips, loosening up for him, he joins me, slowly moving in and out, he tells me how hot I am and that he may cum soon, if I keep moving my hips that way.

I don't stop, he quickens a bit, he pulls out, tries to stop himself from cumming, but can't and shoots his load all over me.

He says "damn baby,you're good". I just lay there, sweating, moaning heavily, but not for long, I have a cock staring me in the face and I take it down like it's nothing, devouring it with such sexual ferocity like I have never had before.

He cums and I swallow all of his cum. Now I am satisfied, at least for now. I get up and straighten myself up and head back to the front of the store, everyone has gone, except for the older 60 year old guy, he stayed behind, and asks me if he could try again, that he normally doesn't cum that quick.

We locked the doors again and went back into the theater to the same cum stained couch, my panties, that are now back on me filling up with cum.

I take his now erect cock into my mouth, sucking him for about five minutes, I then stradle him on the couch, slding my panties to the side and glide his cock into my wet ass.

I grind my hips back and forth and slide up and down on his sexy cock, he talks to me, not dirty though, but tells me how his wife would love me and that we could have fun together.

All I can do is moan my approval. He then wants to get on top, so I lay down on the cum soaked couch, he spreads my legs and slides his cock back into me, past my panties.

He is laying on top of me, arms wrapped around my shoulder, my legs wrapped around his ass pulling him into me, his face buried in my neck, he starts licking my neck with his tounge as he continues to fuck me in this old fashioned missionary position. I love it.

He whispers in my ear that he is going to cum and I tell him to, I say come on baby, give it to me, I want your cum.

I feel his cum start to shoot into me, not that much this time, but enough to make me smile.

It was a wonderful 2 months while my folks were out of town, for those two months, I got fucked atleast once every night.

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