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Title: Some Panty Play

I am a middle-aged male who loves to wear feminine underwear as a sexual fetish. I also love wearing lipstick.
I consider my self as straight, but I realize I should sometimes consider myself ?Bi-curious? since I often fantasize about performing oral sex on other men.

I have generally kept my feminine feelings to myself since I separated from my ex-wife. She was the one who played a major role in helping me discover my feminine side.

My ex was very dominant during our sexual encounters and I loved (And I still do) being submissive in order to fulfill her desires. She is the one that introduced me to tasting my own juices, applying make up and she introduced me to the receiving side of a few of her strap on devices.

My ex was also responsible for introducing me to wearing women?s panties, even though I?ve had had a panty fetish since my early high school years. Being a submissive, my wife eventually began making me wear her panties to work. (However, by this time I loved wearing her very sexy things).

We eventually broke up and I began dating other people. Shortly thereafter, I again found love again and I have been dating the same woman for approximately five years. We live a short distance apart and I see her nearly every weekend.

I truly love this woman and she is very carefree, understanding and non judgmental. After expressing a ?mild side? of my panty fetish to her, she purchased two thongs for me to wear and I don them often.

However, I was afraid to tell her about my burning feminine desires until this past weekend. This website was instrumental in giving me the courage to tell her, once I realized I was not alone.

This past weekend, when we were sitting on her front porch, she asked me if I was ?Still the master of my domain? since we last parted company. I told her no, that I had masturbated several times this past week. I asked the same question of her and she replied by saying that she had masturbated several times this past week, even to the point of running the batteries down on her own, ?Little bunny?.

After reading several posts on this website regarding honesty, I mustered up the courage to tell her that I had fantasized several times this past week about about having oral sex with men.

Thinking that I was going to get some kind of sarcastic or mean reply she simply stated, ?That?s okay, I fantasize about making love to other women all the time?.

Man was I shocked! But, most importantly, I was relieved by her answer. However, she did not totally ignore my forementioned statements and she gave me fair warning by saying, ?I better never catch you with another man, unless I?m there to watch?.

I asked myself, ?Did I just hear what she said, or was I dreaming in one of my sexual fantasies when I heard her tell me that it was okay if I went down on another man? Still in total surprise, I assured her that if I ever had oral sex with another man, she would be there.

Shortly there after, we went to bed. Feeling the sexual excitement in the air, I crawled into bed wearing only my cotton thong and she was waiting on me, completely nude and wanting some attention.

Knowing that it was now or never and feeling supported by those I?ve read about on this site, I asked her, ?What do you think if I told you I wanted to wear a lace thong for you? She thought for just a second and said, ?Cool. I?ve never seen a man in lace panties and I think I would like it?.

She continued by asking, ?What colors would you wear for me?? I told her I was partial to hot pink and she said, ?Okay, but would you also wear white lace for me?? I told her it would be my pleasure and I would order some as soon as I got home. She then asked, ?So you like to wear lace? and I said, Yes, can?t you tell? and I pointed down to my now very erect manhood.

She immediately crawled up on top of me and we began making love, all the while talking about my feminine desires, which she absolutely loved hearing about. After three trips around the world, she crawled off and I began my missionary assault on her beautifully shaved mound.

As I began to explode, she aggressively told me to ?Pull out and shoot your load between my legs?. After doing so, she immediately grabbed the back of my head and pushed it between her legs and told me, ?Lick it off sissy boy?. I anxiously began licking up my warm cream and didn?t stop until it was all gone. As I rose up from between her legs she wiped my chin and told me in a low sexy voice, ?I?m going to love having my own little sissy boy?.

Needles to say we both slept like lambs that night and I woke up the next morning in a very aroused state. As soon as she noticed how hard I was she told me, ?Take care of that for me while I watch?. Like a kid in a candy store, I immediately began sliding my hand up and down my throbbing manhood until I spewed another load of hot cream all over my stomach.

Afterward, my girlfriend immediately began swiping the goo from my stomach with two fingers and began feeding me. Initially, she gently wiped the warm liquid across my lips like a fine lip-gloss and she eventually stuck her fingers into my mouth where I sucked them as lovingly as I could. We continued this process until my special treat was eventually gone and she excused herself for her morning shower.

Before parting ways, she told me to give her a call when I ordered the panties because she wanted to hear all about it. I told her I would and we kissed and went our separate ways.

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