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Title: Seduction

David arrived back home about an hour after i had finished my shower,i was just laying on my bed in clean white cotton panties which Carol had insisted on helping me put on,making me stand on a chair as she lifted each leg and slowly pulled them up,carefully ensuring that they were a nice fit,telling me proudly how she had altered them so that they were perfect for me now that she had recut them so the legs were steeper and the gussett thinner.She did this to all of our clothes and she was very adept at it,everything was slightly smaller and tighter than anyone elses and especially our panties!.She loved to tease me as she helped me on with them,hands accidentally touching me everywhere while i also touched her but not accidentally,touching her lovely nipples and holding her bottom for support,we loved playing these games with each other.She loved seeing me get hard with my penis pointing down so the bulge in my panties really showed up well,always seeming to rub her face against the bulge as she moved closer to me.I was still erect when David walked into the room,he stripped down to his panties,they were pale blue nylon,totally see through and giving me a lovely sight of his heavy testicles and rapidly growing erection."im just going for a quick shower"he said but immediately jumped on the bed and started to kiss me,laughing happily as we rolled around touching each other with delight.He always smelt lovely and clean,almost fruity and every bit as tasty.Carol walked in just as i had his panties down by his knees and he had his head buried in my panties,nibbling me gently."oh,you two boys,you are so naughty!",she chided us playfully,enjoying our pleasure as much as we were.Knowing how she felt i carried on rubbing Davids hardness,his legs apart and his penis pointing downwards so she could plainly see me caressing him from her vantage point behind him.Wearing only her tiny white sheer panties,half cup bra and black high heels she looked fantastic standing there gazing at us with her huge blue eyes glowing with love,a smile playing across her lovely mouth,her tongue licking her lips delicately as we played."can i watch?",she asked softly,her gentle face a picture of feminine beauty.She knew the answer before she asked and we felt the bed move slightly as she sat down at the bottom of it slighty behind and to one side of David.She laid an arm on each of us and watched silently as i teased David,moving her head closer so she could see my hand grasping him lightly,pulling his lovely foreskin back and forth slowly and then she moved closer to see her David licking me and playing with my panties.She was stroking Davids back and running her hand up and down from his bottom to his neck and he was almost purring with pleasure and to me she was stroking my side and across to my stomach and inner leg and i felt like purring too.She moved in so that she was right by my side,her perfume wafting gently across all of us,heady and fragrant as she was.I watched her as she looked at Davids swollen penis being teased by my hand and reached out my free arm towards her,sliding it down from her shoulder,pulling the strap down as i moved, to her rubbery nipples where i let it rest,tweaking them gently and feeling them grow harder as i did so.She looked back at me,smiling hugely,David meanwhile had stopped licking me and was using his hand on my panties now and he looked at Carol lovingly.Without a word being spoken or indeed necessary we all moved our positions on the bed,Carol slid into the middle and David and I to either side of her,still teasing each other with our hands but with Carols desirable body between us now.David nuzzled into Carols left breast and i into the right cone of pleasure.She had an arm around both of us,pulling us willingly closer to her magnificent flesh.David closed his lovely eyes and began sucking at Carols left chewy nipple,a dreamy look on his face as i continued to tease him.Fortunately i was able to carry on playing with David but my free hand began to explore Carols panties while my mouth engulfed her other glorious nipple.I looked up at her,she was looking at me,her eyes soft and tender as we all took our pleasures from each other.My hand went inside Carols lovely panties,slowly moving down to her pink mound,the soft flesh moving as my fingers delved into her moist secrets,she sighed quietly as i invaded her lovely body,feeling the warm wetness of her on my fingers,making them softer and more invasive.David was still sucking quietly away to himself,eyes shut tight and almost asleep even with my hand still wrapped around his swollen penis,he had stopped playing with me though but that didnt really matter now.Carol had noticed Davids semi comatose state and moved her arm from my shoulder and moved it down to my panties where she laid it and moved it up and down across my penis,gradually sneaking her hand inside until she had grasped me fully and commenced to torment me with all the skill she had.I felt David cum,the wetness on my hand but still he didnt move,eyes still closed and completely out of it.Carol knew as soon as i did and she carefully laid David down on his back and then,looking at me with very serious eyes,she slid her panties down and took them off completely,then her bra was removed.With great care she moved around the bed until she faced the other way,her head by my feet and without a word she leaned down and began to lick me.I looked up at her lovely naked body,her fleshy,hairless mound right above me and i leaned into her and nibbled at her lips,savouring the vanilla taste of her,my hands on her nipples pulling and twisting them.After five minutes or so,we were both driving each other crazy with our mouths full of each other.Silently she turned around again,this time her head level with mine,she kissed me with such passion that i became breathless then she bit my ear and whispered "just lay still darling and let me do everything". With her hand she guided me inside her fleshy cave,i was making love to the most beautiful female in the world!Her breasts swayed slightly as she moved up and down on my newly lost virginity,i sucked her nipples and held her superb bottom,running my hand between her cheeks,feeling her response as she clasped my willing penis tighly with her muscles.Her arms supporting her body,she was able to move in all directions and she did,twisting and leaning as she rode on my throbbing organ,her mouth slightly open and her white teeth gleaming.Leaning down to kiss me again she whispered"i will be cumming soon Bobby,hold me tight when i do my darling".She was moving faster now,her body arching,i watched wide eyed at how she could bend her lithe body so much as she drove herself onto my nearly cumming shaft."now,ram it in me as hard as you can"she implored and i lifted up as she came down on me and did so several more times,happy to be giving her something back instead of taking,"bite me"she begged so i bit her red and swollen nipples hard,she moaned and we both came together,her shuddering and moving still,slowing as her orgasm eased,her breathing slowing as she slumped across me.We lay there for a few minutes,David still asleep by our side,recovering and wrapped around each other.She sat up slowly and pulling me up,kissed me tenderly and held me to her.I started to thank her but she touched my lips and said"Bobby darling,dont say anything,i know you love me and i love you,there is nothing else to say about it ,it was beautiful for both of us".She stood up,her slender body pink and glowing,picked up her bra and panties and walked slowly away from the bed,her bottom swaying hypnotically at me."im going for a shower,tea will be ready in an hour,wake sleeping beauty up in time for it please darling".She blew me a kiss and closed the door.I closed my eyes and beamed from ear to ear.

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