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Title: How It All Began

I don't really know when it started, my love of Lingerie and all who wear it properly, but I think I have figured out how. My mother would always leave lacy slips and open bottom girdles around the bathroom, and I found these items fascinating and sensuous to the touch. I grew up in a rather large apartment building in NYC with a lot of other boys my age. Many of us had younger siblings and on weekends, when some of our parents would go out, one or more of us was always asked to baby-sit. That meant only one thing to us, a chance for all the boys to be together with no supervision. We would explore the latest issue of whatever girly magazine anyone had. That would most times lead to circle jerks that over time had evolved into each guy jerking off the guy next to them. One time when we were baby-sitting at my house, and found ourselves without any pictures to inspire or arouse us I thought a solution would be for me to dress in my mother's things as a real time treat for my buddies. Without their knowledge, I went into my mother's bedroom and selected a lovely array of lingerie, I was quite surprised at the erection I got just touching the lacy and silky things. I had selected a black stretch lace waist cinching garter belt about 14" long with four garters, a pair of full cut black panties, a very lacy black bra, and a short black half slip with a 3" squared off lace hem. I couldn't decide which went first the panties or the garter belt. I put the panties on first so as not to ruin the beautiful lines of the waist cincher. For stockings I chose a pair of smoked gray (because they were hanging in the bathroom drying and I felt they would be easier to put back than the neatly folded and boxed pairs in mom's drawers.) It was hard to concentrate on my friends in the other room since what I was wearing was such a turn on to me. I went further and found a plaid box pleat skirt and a sheer white blouse that I also put on. The blouse looked good but the black bra and top of the waist cincher were very clearly visible, so off came the skirt and blouse and on top of everything else went a black full slip. The blouse and skirt were then put on again and I loved what I saw looking back at me from the mirror. I posed for myself in the mirror while my cock quivered with excitement. I rolled up the skirt till just a trace of lace hem from the two slips was visible. After combing my hair straight down, I walked into the other room, I couldn't fit into and walk in a pair of high heels I had selected so I carried them. I was a little nervous but the inner feelings I had allowed me to quickly overcome that. The reception I got was even more arousing that the items I was wearing, if that was possible. All the guys wanted to touch, and see the full extent of my outfit. I felt so powerful modeling for them, lifting my skirt in as seductive a way as I could. I started a slow striptease I stopped when the skirt, blouse and full slip was off. I told them they would have to show me they were enjoying it for me to go further. In unison five stiff cocks emerged from where they had been secreted inside their jeans. Two of the guys even pulled down their pants to feel fully free and erect. Each began rubbing their cocks and the cocks of each other, but not an eye drifted from looking at me. As I walked in the center of where they were seated on the floor all hands reached out to touch me. They wanted to rub my stocking covered legs, touch my panty-covered ass, feel my stuffed bra, and in general paw me. I released my cock from the side of the panties and let it tent the slip I was still wearing. Instantly five hands came up to meet it. I felt weak at the knees and had to sit down which became lying down as my buddies pawed, rubbed, and ohooed at me and the lovely lingerie I was wearing. One of the guys asked if he could get on top of me and hump, within seconds they all wanted to do it. As the first guy was humping me I was afraid I was going to cum so I placed my hand in between us so my cock wouldn't feel his thrusts, I found my hand holding the slip I was wearing and wrapped it around his cock. He came instantly, as did each of the other guys as I let them take their turn on top. I had cum at least twice but the deal I had made is each of them had to jerk me off in return for the hump. I wanted to cum again and again. I only made it through two more before I had to stop. First because it was getting late and second because my cock was sore. Even to this day and all the years that have passed, I can't help but getting aroused when I think of that day. There would be many more to follow. Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing about this or any of the CD encounters I have had over past 30 or 40 years. I would like to hear from some of you with your comments. Should I be more specific about anything, is their too much detail? Should I share more of what I was thinking and feeling? Please let me know before I write my next piece, which will probably be about the Bike room in the basement of that building and our secret stash of lingerie pilfered from the laundry room in the same basement over the course of many weeks and months.

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